Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make a Difference

Let's launch a rocket
and make the good things reign
Hope it won't rain
On that day...
We'll be present
like it's strike
On the contrary, we'll hike.
This is a rural ground
The green weighs less than a pound
Who's to blame?
Give 'em the crown
they'll frown
and marry fame
We're all aware - that's your aim
Stealing our harvest
and cropping 'em in your pocket
we have a tribal mark
called, Surprise!
We know before our very eyes
Why not launch a rocket?
Help turn the table
and carry-out your onus
To a layman, this is understandable
There needn't be any excuse
Once again
make the ground urban
and invite folks' responses to huh
Let's launch a rocket


Buttercup said...

nice...i like!

MissLove said...

Tommeh I know I dissapeared but you!!!!!!!!!!! why??? I demand an invitation to your other blog... Loved this piece xx