Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Me(ss)age-mo to Writers

Every writer is a hungry man, neither rich nor poor. Sometimes I read articles, journals, books, and much more and feel how they felt when writing. Passion! **sigh**  One could perceive in their works that every second gave birth to unique and/or refurbished ideas. BUT when delay outrages their belief of early publication, they tend to see the previous days as hair days. Others are absent-minders which as a result drives them to put out their work as quickly as possible. And their scorecards: nothing to write home about.

I'm not a writer nor a back seat driver, but I do have a (fill in the blank).

To start up with, adhere to the belief that it's very much OK for there to be a hardship. By now, saying it's an ill wind that blows nobody good should be a cliche to you because you and I know we don't learn better at any stage of our lives other than during hard times.

And for absent-minded writers, I submit that you soak up information like sponges. Be familiar with what the title or topic (should) umbrella(s).

Really, I hate being put into a feeding frenzy. However, I'll appreciate it if this is considered a (fill in the blank). Hey, it's a free country. You can dull all herein as a blind proof for calling yourself a pro or remain the same ol' ignorant I perceive and purloin my (fill in the blank).. lol

Should you take this for a  Mess, Message, or Memo?  You choose..

..T. Ohis


One Naija Dude said...

Nice bruv.. Thanks for stopping by.. Useful tips u got here

Buttercup said...

well said..

i particularly agree with this statement - "we don't learn better at any stage of our lives other than during hard times."

RocNaija said...

Hmm.. So does being 'hungry' equate to 'hardship'?

Or are we talking intellectual hunger? The need to constantly soak up words like a sponge

tommeh said...

@ RocNaija I'm talking about the latter- Intellectual hunger.

Damsel said...

hello, dropping by. I'm new here. LIKE YOU "thoughts" :) keep writing

tommeh said...

@ Damsel ... I'll try